Humi API helps our partners provide the best solutions to their customers.


Becoming A Partner

To gain partner access to our system, please contact us to discuss your specific implementation, data usage, and benefits to our platform. Once approved, you will be provided the required client credentials to access the API.

Table of Contents

OAuth 2.0 Authentication

Our API requires standard OAuth 2 authentication.
Your application can request an authorization code using the following method.

The standard OAuth response will contain your authorization code.
Using the authorization code, your application can request an access token for a user.

You may refresh an expired access token by changing the `grant_type` to refresh_token.
You would provide your refresh token in place of the original authorization code.

Authenticated Requests

We use a standard OAuth 2 Bearer authorization for API requests.
Once you have obtained an access token, you may make requests on behalf of the user.

API Resources

The following resources offer read-only access to Humi data.

The users employee information

The users company information

The users company offices

The users benefit plan information

The users timesheet entries

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